Friday, July 17, 2020

Chamomile 2D Sculpt Part 1

Here's a quick and easy little project with Creative Paperclay®

Hi everyone, it's Susie from Art by Susie K with a fun quick little project that you can build off of.
I just did a kitchen redo and medicinal plants are my latest inspiration for my space. I want to add some healing herbs and flowers as part of my decor. Bringing the herb garden inside.

Part One is all about the sculpt. Part two will post on Saturday to show the painting process.

Supplies: Mini canvas board (I found a great stash at the Dollar Store!) Creative Paperclay® Water Clay tools Pencil to sketch your herb/flower Acrylic Paints to finish

Part 1 - The Sculpt

Part 2 - The Painting

Let me know if you like having the video to watch or would rather have pictures posted here with the step by step. What works best for you?

**TIPS*** Before you apply clay, dampen but don't over saturate the surface are you are working on. If too much water is used, your clay will have a hard time sticking and your board could warp. The next day after drying, the clay was firmly stuck to the board no glue needed.

Feel free to comment or contact me with any questions or additional tips. I would love to see your ideas and what you come up with.


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