Friday, July 24, 2020

How to Make a Dr Plague Mask

Hello everyone, Cinnamon here and I am going to show you how I 
created this Dr Plague mask, obviously inspired by current events.

Materials: Creative Paperclay®, cling wrap, masking tape, Exacto
Knife, Sand paper, E600 Craft Glue, Acrylic paint, Sealer, Varnish

I made a mold of this doll's head a while back and created a series of 
ornaments with it. I sculpted on top of the ornament version of my 
doll in this case since the head is the same. As long as you cover 
your piece with cling wrap, you can sculpt a mask on top of whatever 
you would like to customize. I took the easy way out since I normally 
man handle my work.

Take your cling wrap and wrap it as tight as you can over the 
surface of your piece so that you can get a good fit for your mask. 
Tape it in place in the back so that it is nice and snug.

Add your first layer of clay on top of the cling wrap. At this stage, 
worry about the basic shape of the mask and not the details. 

If you plan to have the eyes out for your mask, press into where the eyes of 
your face is to expose them while the clay is still moist. It took me a few tries 
to find them, but keep pressing and shaping the clay around them in this stage.

After you are happy with the shape of the eye cutouts you can start to build
up the nose here. I wanted to build the nose of the mask gradually, so I started
it out pretty small with intentions of adding more after it dries. When the clay starts
to dry while you are still trying to work with it, just dab it with water as I did here.

If you plan to add string to the sides of the mask to tie it onto your piece,
add the holes to it while the clay is still moist. It is a lot harder to add 
them after it dries, you will risk breaking the mask in the process.

Sit the mask out to dry. The top of the mask will dry but the bottom 
layer that is sitting on top of the cling wrap will take longer to dry. 

When the mask is completely dry, try it on your piece to check the fit. 
If it is too big, you can add a little more on the inside of the mask and
sand it away as needed. In this case the mask shrunk a little while
drying, so I had to sand a bit of it off to get a good fit on the doll's face.

I went back to revisit the nose, it's much easier to work on top of
dry paperclay when you are adding to your work. Just add a few
drops of water to the dry clay to attach the new clay to it.

I added a little definition to the eye sockets on the mask using the
same method as I did for the nose. 

Set the mask aside and allow the new layer to dry. Once it dries
you can rework it as much as you like. At this stage I decided to
finish it off by sanding it smooth. I used a mix of rough sand paper
to sand down the rough parts and fine grit sand paper to get 
the piece nice and smooth. I left a little bit of grit on the piece so 
that it didn't look perfectly smooth. I wanted it to look a little worn.

Use your paint and varnish at this point and you're done. The fit for this
mask was snug enough for me to just snap it on to the doll, rare for me!

Thank you all once again for stopping by, and I hope that you 
enjoyed today's tutorial! You can find Creative Paperclay® at 
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