Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Balloon Dog...

Have you ever been walking along and spotted someone creating animal shapes out of balloons? To me, it is so much fun to watch. After all, you start out with a latex tube that is often times full of the air we don't need anymore! Unless of course someone wants to make floating balloon animals. ;) Well, that is the inspiration for today's Creative Paperclay project.I've used Delight air dry modeling compound; which is really nice to work with...
Start off with a ball that is about 1" in diameter and break off pieces as seen below.
These will form our dog's various pieces.
Mold them into a cylinder shape. One larger and 8 smaller pieces about the size of a Tic-Tac.
I've used craft wire to stick the pieces together. I let it dry over night and then reinforced the wire with some Glossy Accents by Ranger.
Paint as desired and add some glaze for a nice shine.
Voila! There you have it. Long after the balloon is gone, you can have this little guy as a reminder or bring a smile to someone on a dreary day.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Please be sure and check out the Creative Paperclay site. Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

Happy Crafting,


Amanda said...

I so need to make one of those! Very cute!

Jingle said...

I totally want to make one of these now! What a great idea So cute!

Molossus said...

Wow! I have many balloons I remember with fondness--this would be a great way to recreate them!

Barbara said...

This is really a very cute project! I love the balloon dog idea!

Hugs XX

poodlepompom said...

Fun and great idea.