Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Heart pendant

With Valentines on its way my head is filled with hearts so this month I'm going to create an easy but very pretty Heart pendant using Creative Paperclay®.

Material list:
Creative Paperclay®
wire - for the bail
tool to stamp in your texture
acrylic paints

1. Make a paperclay ball, about the size of a walnut. Actually, the amount of clay you use really depends on the size you want your finished piece so play around. If you use too much simply make the ball smaller and reshate again.

2. Start shaping the clay into a heart. I first roll the ball in my hands to form a cone shape and then squish and moosh the clay into a heart shape. This is play time so have fun and don't worry if your heart isn't a perfectly shaped heart. I kinda like the wonky look, I think it gives the pendant more character.

3. Insert your wire bail into the top of your pendant. Since mine is a wonky heart I inserted the bail so the heart will hang at an angle.

4. Next we stamp in our texture. I used a leather stamping tool for my texture but you can use whatever you have handy. Stamp the texture deep enough to make it look like it's inside the heart, not on the surface of the heart.

5. Once you get the look you like let the pendant completely dry. What? We're done? Yep, how easy is this! :)

6. After it dries completely you can paint it . I started by painting the entire pendant black. I then dry-brushed metalic gold and red. That gives the pendant an aged look that I love. After the paint dried I sprayed a couple of layers of polyurathane on it to protect the paint. All that's left to do is sting it on a cord or ribbon and you have a beautiful heart to wear.


Molossus said...

This heart pendant is so lovely! The texture on the left makes it unique!

Barbara said...

Wonderful pendant! I love how you made it so unique. I like that aged look too. Great tutorial.

Hugs XX

Lyneen said...

Love the texture fro you tool!!! Great pendant!

Jingle said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

hwow stunning, lov how simple turned into beautiful!!!!!!!!