Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Capacity to heal and love/ Healing Art with Creative PaperClay

Dec 20 2011 we said goodbye to our dear Sasha , our hearts grieved for our dear friend who unconditionally loved my husband for 15 yrs and loved me for 11 yrs.
The days leading up to her death, we knew it was our last days together.
That was really hard.
So for my first art project on the Creative PaperClay Design Team I am posting something VERY simple.
Its a simple project that will continue to touch our hearts for years to come.

Take a ball of Creative PaperClay , flatten out into a circle, Mine is about 2inches , take your little furry friend paw and press into the PaperClay. EASY! I then washed Sasha's paw really well with warm water and doggie shampoo, as i don't fully know the properties of the PaperClay and wanted to make sure Sasha was safe.
See i told you it was going to be simple. <3

I can honestly say my husband and i love this imprint of our friend who so strongly left a huge imprint on our hearts.

And just because our hearts have the capacity to heal and to love again I want to formally introduce
Bella, our new puppy, only 10 days old and SO much a part of hearts already.

Art does not have to be complicated, it only has to come from the heart!

L. ANg

EDIT: While my husband and i did this as we knew Sasha was leaving us, you could do this much like new parents make an imprint of their childrens hands. It can come from a different place, one of celebrating life. Heart hugs to everyone. ANg


Pothys said...

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Jan Conwell said...

Oh wow, I don't know if I can do this. We have a mini-schnauzer, a little pal, our four-legged third wheel...to think of doing this as a way to remember him when he's gone? I think it's incredible idea, but he's sure be wondering why I'm crying all over him. :~)

I am sorry for your loss--and happy that your dog had such a wonderful life with you guys. The wee puppy you have now is in for a great life too, so that's the upside. Thanks for this insightful idea.

altermyworld said...

Jan thank you for your comment, I can only speak from experience, it really is something we will treasure for a long time. Maybe you could go about it a different way, much like mothers and fathers do imprints of their babies.
In that aspect it comes more from a sense of living , instead of thinking of losing them.