Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have had the best time using Creative PaperClay! I am a Mixed Media Artist and I love using different techniques and items in my art. In this project I put some paperclay in a baggie and watered it down very thinly to a paste consistency. Once I did that I just smooshed it around as if it were dough until it was the consistency I wanted. I spread on my blank canvas over a stencil i had to make an imprint and let dry. Here is a quick video from my youtube!
When it was dry (which took 24 hours) I then painted a mustard and bright yellow to get some different colors and textures.
I took my regular paper clay and rolled it out and cut out different circle sizes.

I painted them different colors and glued them on to canvas. I added dots from bottles of fabric paint as decoration and drew swirls on the background with glitter glue and more fabric paint. I then put 2 coats of 3D Crystal Lacquer on to seal it. It is Mod looking and I am so excited to hang on my wall!!


altermyworld said...

Pretty! I love using this technique it IS easy and fun, I also have fibro,arthritis and a repetitive strain injury and Creative Paperclay does not stress my hands out.
Well done!

pooky said...

Yes indeed this is mod looking!!! Looks very cool! Love it:)

Debbie Buckland said...

Great bright canvas.