Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recycled Beer Bottle Candle Holder

Hi!!! I am Annie Bella.  I am so excited and grateful to be a part of the Design Team for this term.  I love Mixed Media and Recycled Crafts.  I am excited to show you how I integrate Creative Paperclay(R) into my work!

As I said above I love Recycled Crafts.  If I can find a use or a way to altar something that would normally go into the trash I will.  Another thing that I am absolutely in love with is blue glass.  When I came across some blue glass beer bottles I was immediately inspired.

This is what you will need for this project:

Recycled Beer Bottles
Something to cut your bottles with
Creative Paperclay(R)
A stamp of your choice
Alphabet Stamps
X-Acto Knife
A roller
Alcohol Inks and/or Craft Paints
A strong adhesive
A solvent such as Go Gone or Citrasolve

The first thing that you need to do is cut your bottles.  The top of the bottle will become the base for your candle holder.  You can use a bottle cutter to do this.  You can also find other methods online that work pretty well if you don't have access to a bottle cutter.  You also need to remove the labels.

Next you need to sand the edges of the pieces you have just cut.  They don't need to be perfect or even, you just need to make sure there are no sharp edges.

Now for the fun part, making the establishments with your Creative Paperclay(R)

Another way to decorate your embellishments is to paint them with craft paint.

Before you start to put together your candle holder, you need to clean it.  Use your solvent to get all of the stickies left behind from the labels.  After you get all of the stickies off wash the bottles with dish soap and warm water to remove the oils let behind from the solvent.

After your bottle is all cleaned up, put a good amount of your adhesive on the top of the bottle and place you bottom part of the bottle on top of it.

Use a bit of the same adhesive to adhere your embellishments to the bottle.

Just stick them randomly onto the bottle.  Make sure, if you did pieces to stick on the neck, that you pay attention to the curves as you go.

This is the final product.


Barbara Moore said...

What a cute idea Annie! I've got some of the same blue glass that I planned on transforming and your idea is worthy of trying out. Thanks!

pooky said...

Love blue glass!! Such a cool idea:)

Debbie Buckland said...

Great recycling project