Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Candy Dish


I have got to say that this project was a lot of fun and very interesting to do. I grow a lot of plants and flowers and I have a hosta (actually several hostas now) that I’m particularly fond of. Well the other day I had the thought of using a hosta leaf as a pattern/mold for a candy dish. Here’s what I started with:

2003-02-12 13.07.52 Aren’t those leaves beautiful? There were many that were bigger but I wasn’t trying to make a plate, just a candy dish. lol  It took almost the whole 1 lb. package of clay to make the dish. I first rolled the clay out and then pressed the back of the leaf into the clay. I bent the clay while it was wet and put some crumpled up fabric under it to hold it up while it dried. 2003-02-12 14.11.48After the clay had set for a day, I turned the clay over and removed the leaf from it. The clay was still damp and the leaf pulled right off it. I then let the clay sit until it was completely dry. Once the leaf was completely dry I painted it with “Silks” Acrylic Glaze from Luminarte.2003-02-14 12.57.14 Once the paint was dry on both sides I coated both sides several times with Minwax waterbased Polyurethane. This is the final result:

2003-02-15 11.58.04           2003-02-14 15.51.43

This candy dish turned out pretty nice didn’t it? Quite the coffee table addition!     2003-02-14 16.49.582003-02-14 16.50.40I hope this inspires you to try using Creative Paperclay®. It’s a great clay to work with and you can make so many different things with it. Thinking Christmas anyone?



Cultivate Life in Joy said...

love your candy dish...this is my first visit to anything paperclay..looks like it was fun & easy..will have to follow along this blog & learn more.

Lyneen said...

THis turned out great... love the colors!!