Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lyneen's Quick Tip - Paper Clay Roses

Most people don't know that I taught cake decorating at one time in my life.  Making roses was one of the first flowers a cake decorator learns to make.  I wish that Creative Paperclay® was a thin as frosting and I could pipe out roses.  
 Creative Paperclay® Roses can be made one petal at a time.
Start with a Creative Paperclay® cone, place it on a flat surface.

Take a small ball of clay and flatten it between your fingers creating a petal shape. 

Continue to add petals, shaping the edge of your Creative Paperclay® petals as you go.

Have a little water handy to apply to the  Creative Paperclay® to act as glue.

When finished set aside to dry. These are pretty thick I gave mine 2 days. Depending on your weather and humidity will determine you air dry time. 

Once dry paint them.  Now they are ready to use.

I made these for a Valentine I shared with you in our Blog Hop "Love Cast in Clay" last January. HERE is a link to the project.

Enjoy making roses with  Creative Paperclay®!


Terri Sproul said...

Great TIP... love it..

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

pretty paperclay projects..still learning about it...I too used to decorate cakes..icing roses tasty too..thanks for the tutorial

Barbara Rankin said...

Very good tip on rose making. Your roses are beautiful. TFS