Saturday, September 22, 2012

Steampunk Earrings with Creative Paperclay

I am a bit into Steampunk this week. Some different addictive sites have me all a buzz about it and ideas flowing like crazy. So I thought....I am going to do a pair of earrings! And then my mind went a bit crazy! Now they are beautiful and light and awesome earrings but, as most of you know, when your mind are from one end to another of things to do. Here is what I did. I used Creative Paperclay and stamped a Steampunk image on it. I then cut it out using a lid of a bottle to have circle shape. I added holes where I would want to add hook and hangings when dry. Once it was dry I then painted all black and did a bit of a wipe off and dab with a paper towel to give a bit of texture. I then took a bit of gold paint and dry brushed it on. I wanted the outlines of the stamp I stamped to be highlighted. The back I painted black and stamped the stamp in gold ink on it. I then glued on a few pieces of old clocks and watches as a collage type feel on the front. I hung a few coordinating beads from the 3 holes on the bottom and added the earring wires. I love the way they came out and had a blast making them!

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