Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Tip for September: Filling Cracks With Creative Paperclay

This month I am working on a project that I needed to be round.  So I wrapped a balloon in Creative Paperclay.  When the clay dried, I ended up with a nice big crack in my piece.  This came as no surprise because as the Creative Paperclay dries it tends to shrink a bit.

To fill the crack, all I needed was some water and a bit of Creative Paperclay.

First I wet the surface around the crack.  This makes it easier to fill the crack in and blend the clay to your piece.

Next I took some Creative Paperclay and pushed it into the crack.

 Then I blended the clay into my piece.

After you do that let your piece dry.  Any lumps and bumps can be sanded down after the piece is dry.