Friday, August 16, 2013

DawnMercedes' August tip!

Here are some tips on how to save left over Creative Paperclay ®!

water bottle
Cling Wrap
Clear Packing tape
ziplock bags
a wad of left over Creative Paperclay ® or Delight ©

1.  I tend to take small amounts out of the packaging at a time so the bulk of my Creative Paperclay ® still in the packaging.
2.  Knead left over clay together to ensure that there are no air bubbles left inside the wad.
If the wad seems dry, I will spritz it with water as I knead it to give it more moisture before storing.

3. Tuck it back inside the original packaging.  Use clear packing tape to close up the thick plastic.
4.  Wrap entire package in cling wrap.

4. Place this package inside of a ziplock bag. You  may want to double bag it.

**Remember for each layer, squeeze out the extra air.**

But I suppose THE BEST WAY ..
is to just use it all up. 
That way, the next time you design, you can start with a fresh package!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

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Barbara Rankin said...

Great tip! This stuff is to good to waste!