Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lynda's August Creative PaperClay Project -

This is my older sassy big (LOL) sister...who is 5 years older than I am, and about 6.5" shorter than I am!!!  When our mom was pregnant with me, all Allison wanted for her birthday was a "sister baby" and a birthday party! She ended up with both that year!   Her birthday is on the 12th (mine on the 2nd)...and after seeing some of the amazing projects here with using stamps, I had to pull out some and play!  I wanted to create a one of a kind magnet for her to put on her fridge!  I can't wait for her to see it because I love how it turned out!!!   

Supplies used:
Creative PaperClay
Xacto knife
Basket stamp by CTMH
Flower and leaf mold
Paint of your choice (I used Radiant Pearls Paint)
Hot glue gun
Heavy cardstock for base (scraps are fine)
To start with - I am not going to give you directions for how to stamp on the clay - there are GREAT projects prior to mine on this blog that you can learn from!  This was my first project made out of stamps.  With this example, I used the Creative PaperClay product on all of the pieces.  Here is the basic directions to complete the magnet.

Step one:  Roll out enough clay to stamp the basket, making sure to use an xacto knife to take out the pieces needed while the clay is still wet.  Allow to dry. 
Step two:  Mold enough flowers and leaves - for my example, I used 5 flowers and 3 leaves along with the basket.  Allow to dry. 
Step three:  After pieces have dried completely - and using the paint of your choice, paint the pieces and allow to dry. 
Step four:  Using your hot glue gun, start to place each of the pieces on the creation, using a heavy cardstock as your base. 
Step five:  Add magnet to the back piece and place on your fridge! 

Allison is always the person I make things for first - and if she likes it...then I know the rest will!  Easy to make for Christmas presents - and can make in just about any color I want to!  Also working on a few other creations - can't wait to show you some of the fun things...  Get ready to pull out your basic crafting supplies to create some fun things!!!  I will have some fun tips coming up in 2 weeks for you...using those supplies, with the project I am working on for September!  I hope you have enjoyed my project today - and can't wait to see what you come up with!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Creative PaperClay Design Team and


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Barbara Rankin said...

Lynda, this is adorable. Love the idea for magnets, and they would make great gifts that would be so easy to make. TFS