Friday, October 4, 2013

Haunted Halloween Jar 'O' Slugs Witch's Apothecary piece by Rachel Whetzel

Hello, Creatives Paperclay lovers!! Rachel Whetzel here! I'm still in HALLOWEEN mode, and Creative Paperclay® modeling material is perfect for creating things that you just can't find in a store. In 2006, I started to create a Witch's Apothecary for our mantle. I filled it with odd bits and things, and gave them magical labels. This year, I'm adding some more creepy/gross things to the mix. I also realized that I could use Creative Paperclay® to make lids for jars I have, but don't have any lids for. For today's project, I am going to show you what I did to make a Jar 'O' Slugs!
If you'd like to make one for yourself,
First, I shaped some pieces of clay into slug looking shapes.
Then I got busy painting them to look like slugs! I started with a base coat of brown, and then I added some creams to their bellies to create dimension.
Once I was done, I poured Amazing Clear Cast Resin with a touch of brown dye into the jar with the slugs.
Then, because I didn't have a cork or lid for the jar, I made one by pressing some Creative Paperclay® onto the top and letting it dry.
 After the clay was dry, I drizzled some Amazing Casting Resin with black dye on the clay to recreate a wax seal look. Then I tied a little natural rope to the piece.
I also sprayed the resin and jar with Matte Krylon Finish to give the jar and old, dusty look. I've got a few more pieces I want to add to my apothecary this year! I can't wait to get them made.
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Tarnished Rose said...

Okay, this is positively disgusting Rachel; but in a cool way.


Nichola said...

LOVE this! I am totally going to do this and keep it in my kitchen cupboard to disgust my guests :)