Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lynda's October Tips -

I can't believe it has been 6 months for being on the design team!  The current team has helped me so much, in more ways you can imagine!  The new team coming up - excited to see what they come up with for sure!  
I love working with the Creative PaperClay product for so many different reasons!  If you rubber stamp, you already have a ton of things you can make with those stamps including ornaments and one of a kind embellishments!  If you happen to scrapbook - and have those plastic templates for shapes and alphabets, those will come in handy here!  

Tip #1: Think outside of the box when you are looking at creating with the clay!  What do you have that you can use - so that you can buy more CLAY!  
Tip #2:  Water should become your very best friend when you are using this stuff!  A little bit of water on your fingertip will help to smooth out surfaces, especially if the clay is a bit more "dry". 
Tip #3:  Have a basic crafting toolbox for all of the basic supplies you need for the crafts you do.  This way - everything is in one place, versus all over - or scattered.  
Tip #4:  Make sure you clean up your tools after you have used them with the clay.  This seems like such a "no brainer", but if you use your supplies for multiple things, take the time to clean them between uses.  

I have had so much fun the past 6 months, and have learned more about Creative PaperClay than I thought was possible.  This team has been awesome, and I thank each of them for their friendship and kindness shown to me during my time here!  I thank each of you for your kindness and support as well!  
 Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs

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Barbara Rankin said...

These are really good tips to remember. It has been a pleasure being on the team with you. TFS