Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lynda's Creative PaperClay Magnet's

Hello everyone,

This will be my last month to post - unless I make the new design team that is!  I have learned so much since being on this team from all of the women here!  I can't wait to play this month on the rest of the projects I am working on, especially for the blog hop this next Sunday!  I hope you all come and join us - and link up your awesome projects working with this clay!  
Today's project, is 2 more magnets - 

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Supplies used:  

Creative PaperClay product
CTMH Basket stamp
CTMH Flower pot stamp
Flower and leaf mold
Paper flowers
Radiant Pearls paint
Paint brush
Xacto knife 

**Tip**  When you are working with stamps and the Xacto knife, you will want to smash down any clay pieces in the creation that sticks out, but make sure to do it while your clay is wet. 

Step one:  Roll out the clay - roll at about 1/4" thick or so. Add brad to paper flower, set aside.  
Step two:  Mold the flowers and leaf - 3 flowers for the flower pot - and 6 or 7
flowers for the basket, with 1-2 leaves as well.  Set aside and allow to dry either by air or by cooking.
Step three:  Stamp onto the clay base the basket and flower pot stamp.  Using the Xacto knife, cut the shape out.  Allow to dry either by air or by cooking.  
Step four:  After your pieces are dry, start to paint them using the paint of your choice.  I happen to have Radiant Pearls paint - so that's what I use!  Set aside to dry.  
Step five:  After your pieces are completely dried from step 4, start to add the painted clay pieces to your base - either the flower pot or the basket.  For the flower pot magnet, add flowers from step 1 to the top of clay flowers. 
Step six:  Add a cardstock base to the back, and add your magnets.

This clay is simply the best to use, and I have found so many uses for it that I can create one of a kind "things" with!  I have embossed on it with clear embossing powder to make it more shiny...and left it alone to show the true colors of the paint.  I love this clay for sure!  I hope you have enjoyed the past 6 months of my posts, I know I have had more fun in sharing my projects with you here for sure!  I also have learned to pull out my basic supplies for scrapbooking such as my templates and use them too!  I can't wait to get started on my handmade Christmas ornaments I am planning for each of my 8 kids and soon to be 9 grand-kids!  All unique, made especially for THEM!  
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs

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Barbara Rankin said...

This is such a cute project. We all need fridge magnets, and these would dress up any fridge. TFS