Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Creating Clay Cutters from Paper mache forms By Gloriann Irizarry

Creating Clay Cutters from Paper mache forms 

Hello my dear  friends. This is Gloriann's June Creative Paperclay Tip

I will show you a neat trick to make oversize clay sheet form cutter.

Paper Mache forms come in many forms, sizes, styles and shapes so feel free to choose your
favorite and let me show you how to used it over and over for many projects to come . 

I start by using my favorite roller and rolling a clay sheet to the desire thickness.

I will not roller thinner than 1/4 so it will stay strong when it dries.

I choose a cute peace sign of paper mache I found at my local craft store.
They do come solid so a little cutting is required only on the once side of the letter. 
Be careful to cut it has even has possible and use a sharp blade or saw. 

This is how it will look once the entire side is cut off

Now put the shape on top of the clay sheet to like an oversize cookie cutter and use your roller 
to make sure the pressure is even distributed and the clay will cut nicely

Remove the paper mache for to reveal the amazing oversize print sheet ready for you to create anything you will like to used it for.

carefully remove any excess and let it dry completely before using it.

At this stage you can sculpt, stamp or imprint any detail to your letter then let it dry.

I like to place my shapes to dry on cookie cooling trays because the air flows better than laying on the table.


Now this technique can be apply in just about anyt paper mache form 
making the possibilities endless for you to create.

Now you will never see the Paper Mache Craft Store section the same way on your next visit.

Feel free to comment , explore or make any question and has always have fun creating. 

Many Blessing and Happy Crafting !

Sincerely Gloriann Irizarry

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