Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Design Tip, Alternative to sanding by LuLu Lancaster

Hello This is LuLu and I have a design tip for those of you who can be me ;)
Gesso instead of sanding.
Sometimes I want my Art Dolls to have skin as smooth as can be and once in awhile a piece just doesn't require that smoothness. 

Simple acrylic gesso found at any craft art supply store is a great medium to use as a base for your next raggedy sort of project.

 Once your sculpture is dried just generously paint the gesso over and apply a couple coats.
 Easy as can be and the finish is perfect for applying your paint, artist pencils or pastels.

Coats of Gesso

applying paint 

Creative PaperClay® Heads all finished :)

Thank you so much I hope you have found this Tip helpful :)

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