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Anime Cornucopia Cute Earrings by Gloriann Irizarry with Delight™ Material

Anime Cornucopia Cute Earrings by
Gloriann Irizarry
Wow! Is it November already? I can not believe it. The colder air. The color is changing  and the kids are giggling while jumping on leaves piles over and over. Yes it is Fall at its finest. Fun because this month we get to spend time thanking for all the wonderful things we got and spend time with love ones. Now cooking is my favorite part. So for this project I will be doing a special little veggies and fruits for you to wear. I used Delight™  because is if much, much lighter than the Regular Creative Paperclay and it will work best for these Cornucopia delight .
It is very easy to make and even my little ones help making their own veggie creations.
I will now give you the instructions. I hope you have fun .
 Jewelry finding wire loops
Earrings finding  lops
Acrylic Paints
Glossy Liquid Paint Sealer
Paint Brushes
Mini Weave Cornucopia
Small Green Ribbon
Water Bottle Spray
Needle nose pliers
Wire Cutters
I choose pearl finish acrylic paints for this project, because I love the effect this paints create
once the acrylic dry up.
Use your needle nose pliers and twist the wire up to create an anchor for the cable to stay inside the clay once it dry. You will twist these after your done sculpting the fruit or veggie.
Rip open the package of  Delight™  and cut the clay off to create the fruits and veggies to look the same size. That way the earrings will not look uneven .
The composition of this clay is very, very light weight and will give you little sculpt a very resistant and puffy finish. That way it might look big but you can wear the earring because it is a very light weight clay once you sculpt is all dry up.  
Most of these fruits and veggies will start by rolling  little balls of clays.
A pinch here a pinch there you will end you with an apple here
Now before you add the leaf make sure you attach the earring eye hook.
To give it a more natural look I added a leaf to this apple.
Here you can see and apple step by step photo sequence.
Now you want an eggpant? Here are the steps.
How about some Tomatoes?
Let include some carrots to our feast.
Our Thanksgiving is not ready unless we include a pumpkin to our table.
To create the garlic and onions all you have to do is roll a balls of clay. Now the onion ball need to be bigger than the garlic to make sure they look more natural. The ball needs to be shape like a water drop. For the leaves I used a very thin fabric ribbon folded in half. With a pin introduce the ribbon folded in half on the top of the tear drop clay shape ball and let it dry
Time to paint. Here is when you can have so much fun with colors and textures of the acrylic paints.
Now make sure each Veggie/fruit gets 2 coats of paint before you paint their faces.
Giving the piece 2 coats will reduce the brush stripes and the earring will look evenly and  colorful.
Wait for each coat to be completely dry before you apply the other coat or the paint will peel off when you try to add the second coat.
 The garlics will be painted  with FolkArt  pearl Champagne color. To age the garlic use FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green with a dry brush technique.
The onions will be painted with regular FolkArt Teddy Bear Tan  acrylic and dry brushed the age with FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green
For beautiful pumpkin and carrots use the Martha Stewart Pearls Acrylics Orange.
This paint leave a nice shine to the final piece once the paint completely dry.
FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green works perfect for the green tops.
Now because the apples come in many shapes and colors you can have fun choosing colors for them. Here you can see the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Festive Red .
It does dry a little pink but is ok because Pink Ladies apples are naturally colored like this tone of red.
Color the leaf with FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green.
Now for the tomatoes to look delicious the red has to be more pigment rich. Here is Americana Gloss Enamels Tuscan Red Acrylics. These tomatoes are going to look stunning in this rich tone of red.
Now use FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green to add the leaf to the top of the tomatoes.
Now the lemons are going to be special. The paint used was DecoArt Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter paint in Lemon Drop Color. This paint looks amazing. The glitter is micro fine iridescent glitter and it catches the light making the lemon light up like a disco ball. A very lovely effect.
Now the eggplant purple has to be rich. So the DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Purple Pearl work good.
The tops of the eggplant use FolkArt Metallic Christmas Green for the leaf.

 Now this part is what will bring your veggie or fruit to life. Painting the face is not that difficult and there is so many styles and face expressions you can paint to give them some  personality.
Here are some useful reference I found online these.
Anime styles to choose from.
More adorable faces expression to choose from .
Pick the one you like the most and use black paint and a very thin brush to create your design and le it dry. Use white acrylic to bring some light to those cute anime eyes.
Let give them some rosie cheek with pink acrylic and let is dry.
Tip for a better drying item is to add the earring hangers before you paint them.
 It will make it easier just hang them to dry after paint and will not roll or destroy your cute Anime Chibi faces. Let completely dry before you seal it with the Glossy finish.
For earring this glossy finish will give you the shine you need to bling your look.
Here are the cute  tomatoes

 Wanna cry over this onion?
Lovely Carrot happy to see you.
Lets make lemonade out of these lemons.
A very shy corn is peeking.
Who is the fairest of them all my little apple?
Onion are sooooo good for you.
Purple, purple is the best looking eggplant I seen.
Veggie and Fruits are their favorite hangout the Cornicopia Place. 
They love to have a ball with all their favorite veggie friends.
All these cuties not only are they adorable but fashionable too.
Now lets make some more veggie platters and feel free to experiments creating your own little fashionable cute anime creatures.
If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments below or email me at gloriann@byGlori.com
Now let's always remember,  
Gloriann Irizarry

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