Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fast Creative Paperclay® Ornaments!

Hello everyone! It is Donna with Memes Art Place!


Have you gotten snow yet? Some of my good friends and family received quite a wallop of snow! Minnesota is known for the cold and snow. I am here in the mountains of Colorado, although Colorado has received snow, we have not.......YET!

So today I am showing you how to make some really quick ornaments for gift giving or for using on your gifts.

Here is how to make a super quick ornament! It will take longer to dry then to make!

These are plaster ornaments from Micheal's. They have many shapes and you can use what you would like!
 All you have to so is make simple little balls and roll out a carrot for a nose and apply them using water and slip! Remember slip is made of Creative Paperclay® and water. I also add some white glue to strengthen it. Just mix it all together and store it in a airtight container and you will have your slip ready for when you need it!
 You can also use small cookie cutters, you can find those in the clay department at your hobby store. Add some water and slip and put your shape over it and press it lightly and work it onto the surface. Or if you like you can add white glue under shape. With the snow man, I pushed the round balls flat. Not even with the surface, but not round.

Let your ornaments dry and then paint with acrylic paint and then seal them with a varnish and you are ready to give a homemade gift!

Here you can see how it is not flat on the ornament itself. 

 If you give this a try, I sure would like to see what you did! Please share with us!

This is easy enough for the kids to help. How much fun would they have making ornaments for teachers, friends, and family!

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Redanne said...

Love this idea - I love the quirky and fun elements you added, they look amazing.

Dawn Barrett said...

fun idea I may try with the cousins after Thanksgiving dinner!