Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Gift Tags

Thanksgiving is a memory. Now it's on to Christmas, far and away Chloe's favorite holiday. She loves being part of the gift scene—from shopping to wrapping to giving. So this year we decided to make gift tags just for Chloe to use.

I selected Delight™ because it is so light weight and its pure white color. We rolled out a ball of Delight™ very thin—less than 1/16 inch—and cut rounds. You could use any shape. Cookie cutters are great for this step. However, I don't have any Christmas themed cookie cutters, so I cut the bottom of a water bottle. Worked great!! The plastic is thin so cuts cleanly through the Delight™.

After the blank rounds were dry Chloe and I began decorating them. There are so many ways to decorate these!! Here are our favorites.

For this tag we cut the word and holly leaf motif out of vinyl. Chloe selected the design; I cut the vinyl. The edge was heat embossed with silver embossing powder. Chloe embossed; I operated the heat gun.

The star on this tag was dry embossed and the gold edging was added with a gold Krylon leafing pen.

The third tag was stamped using dye ink and a rubber stamp. Chloe did the stamping; I inked the edge. We found that dye ink delivers a crisper design on the Delight™ than pigment inks, which tend to blur. The edge was inked by rolling the tag directly on the surface of the stamp pad.

Our last tag was made by pressing the Delight™ into a clay mold. The design features and edges were colored with water-based markers. Chloe did the berries; I did the holly leaves.

We punched the ribbon holes with a Crop-a-dile after the rounds were dry, but you could also pierce the blanks before drying. We're planning to use the reverse side of the tag to write the to/from information. It's so easy to write on these with markers!!

So, here's our finished collection. Hope Chloe puts one of these on my Christmas gift. 

Design Note: I love the whimsical, curvy way these tags dried, but if you prefer flat tags, you can dry them under a weight. The drying time will be longer, but the tags will be flatter :)


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