Friday, November 7, 2014

First Friday Fan Day, November 2014 with Rachel Whetzel

Happy NOVEMBER, Creatives!! Rachel Whetzel here! It's First Friday Fan Day, and we appreciate you sharing all your creations using Creative PaperClay® with us!
I hope you hop over to the links I'm sharing with you today, and let your fellow Creative PaperClay® lovers know you saw what they shared too!

Willowing shared what's on her mind these days.
Shauna shared a Day of the Dead bust she made.
Cindy shared this adorable pumpkin.
This totally creepy Frankenstein!! 

This ADORABLE primative bunny rabbit is for sale!
Make yourself some beautiful ornaments.
This fairy tutorial would make a great elf for Christmas! 
Store your Christmas treats in this chilly container!
I love this WIP
MUST make some of these whimsical snowballs!!

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