Friday, January 9, 2015

Row Counting Bracelet

Hi, I am Ann,  a newbie here on the Creative Paperclay® blog.  I am so pleased to be part of the Design Team and I promise to be at my creatively best craftiness while I am here.  For my first project that I want to share with you is this really practical,light weight and might I say, pretty bracelet.  I say it is practical because it is intended to be used as a tool for counting stitches and or rows when knitting or crocheting.  Plus, I am sure there could be other uses for it.  It doesn't hurt that it is cute too!


Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Nail polish ( I used Cosmic Colors in white, Markwins in Metallic blue, Julep in Brandt, and Sally Hansen in Clear)
Bead crimper tool "Bead Buddy"
Crimp beads x 2 "Bead Buddy"
Hardware store rubber "O" ring "Gold"
Stretch nylon cording "Craft Medley--Multicrafts" cut two pieces 12 - 14 "long (30-35 cm.)
Silver tone clasp and toggle "Dollar Tree"
Small silver spacer beads x 11, and Medium silver spacer beads  x 10 "Craft Medley--Multicrafts"
Silver jump ring (From my stash)
Bead Roller "Amaco"
Nail files or extra fine sandpaper (Dollarama)


1. Using a small amount of Creative Paperclay® modeling material roll into a round bead 9 times.  I used a Bead Roller making tool from Amaco to get a uniform size to my beads.  That is not necessary.  Poke a hole through each bead with a toothpick or skewer.  Let dry.
Repeat to make 10 more larger or oval type beads.  Let Dry.

2.  After beads have fully dried and hardened (time will vary according to temperature and climate), sand beads to remove any particles and to smooth.

3.  Place beads on toothpicks and set into a piece of styrofoam to aid in the painting process.  Apply 2 coats of colour to beads. Let dry. Apply sealing coat with clear polish.

4.  With a small amount of Creative Paperclay® modeling material roll it out and flatten and cut out a charm piece.  I cut mine into a little mug and scored my first initial into it.  Let dry, paint and seal.

5.  Attach a jump ring to the charm. Set aside.

6.  Using cording pieces string one size of beads interspaced with silver beads on one cord.  Repeat for second cord and second set of beads.

7.  String rubber ring over two beaded cords.  String both ends of cord through a crimp bead and through the toggle (And/or clasp) and back through the crimp bead.  Crimp in place.  Repeat for other end of bracelet. Trim ends of cords.

8.  Attach charm ring to one end of bracelet.

The intended use of this type of bracelet is for the needle crafter to wear and to be able to keep track of stitches and rows.  The idea being that for every stitch one of the round beads is pushed through the ring and when all nine round beads have been through the ring that counts as ten stitches done or ten rows and then the larger beads are equal to ten each.

I hope that you enjoyed this project and can find ways to incorporate it into your own creativity.

Thank you for checking out my project and please stop by my blog: Annmakes at for more inspiration.


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