Friday, January 16, 2015

Stenciling on Canvas

I've been thinking about this project for awhile now, and decided to put the thoughts into action. I wondered if Creative Paperclay® could be used as a stenciling paste. Good new—it certainly can!! This can be a great project for an older child, but it was beyond what my five year old partner was able to manage. I think this would be a more appropriate project for an eight or ten year old.

I started with an 8" x 6" Artist's Loft canvas (available at any of the big box craft stores). I colored it with a wash of Purple Mist and Burnt Umber acrylic paints.

While the canvas was drying, I worked with the Creative Paperclay® to make a smooth paste. I added water—a little bit at a time—until it was the consistency of smooth cake icing. Remember: it's easier to add the water a bit at a time than to get the mixture too runny. This step did take a considerable amount of blending to get a smooth, creamy consistency with no random lumps of the Creative Paperclay®. When I reached the consistency I wanted, I added a couple drops of Mars Black acrylic paint.

Next, I used painter's tape to tape the stencil onto the canvas. It is important that the stencil stays securely in place when you are applying the Creative Paperclay® cream/paste. I started with the top, then taped the two sides, and lastly, taped the bottom.

I used one of my favorite stencils—Bare Trees from Dreamweaver Stencils.

This is the tool that I used to apply the paste. Smooth a layer of the paste about 1/8" to 1/4" thick over the stencil. Next, scrape off the excess paste making sure all the openings are evenly filled and the stencil surface is smooth.

Next, carefully remove the tape and lift the stencil off the canvas. I removed the tape from the bottom, then the two sides, and then, every so carefully, lift the stencil, using the top piece of tape as a hinge. When the stencil is clear of the design, I peel the stencil and the tape off the canvas. Using the top piece of tape as a hinge insures that even if you do happen to drop the stencil, it will fall right back in place, and not damage your stenciled surface.

Immediately, wash the stencil or soak it in a shallow dish filled with water until you can properly clean it so that the clay doesn't harden on it. 

While the clay was still wet, I sprinkled fine onyx mica flakes on the surface. Here's my finished canvas. 



Terri Sproul said...

Great project, I just love that stencil

Meme said...

Great job!

shereen said...

Awesome! May i ask, where did you get the tool?