Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Delight AirDry+Washable Markers=Fabulous Flowers! by Linda Hess

I teach art to grades K-8th, a job that daily has me giving thanks.  It is truly the best "job" on this Earth!  With that tidbit of info you will understand why I embrace projects that are quick and easy for ALL ages (children-adults) while projecting high impact with the use of only a few materials.

I have to say that Delight Air Dry Modeling Compound is one of my favorite things to share with the students.  When I pull out plain white clay they were not very excited.  As I share how to change the color with markers you would think I performed magic for them :-)  I tend to pull this project out to create pins for Mother's Day or Happy Spring or (as I am currently thinking) a way to push the winter blahs away.  Lets get started...

Delight Air Dry Modeling compound
washable markers (any colors)
flower cutters
needle tool or fork
damp paper towel

Procedure for cookie cutter flower:
1)  Open package and pull out a ball of clay.  Be sure to tightly close the remainder of the clay package in a Ziploc baggie before going any further.
2) Choose a marker and dab the clay as shown. 
3) Fold the clay over the color to seal it inside.  Knead the ball until color is dispersed.  If more color is desired, repeat.
4) Flatten the ball of clay into a sheet.  This can be done with your fingers (as I tend to do) or with an acrylic roller.  Once flattened, cut out 3 flowers (one of each size).
5) Thin and curve the petals of the largest flower.  Repeat with other 2 flowers.  Stack them, curving petals on each layer.  SURPRISE...use the cap of your marker to create a center for your flower.
6) Use the needle tool or fork to add detail to the center and the edges.
7) Mix another ball of clay with green for leaves.
8) Roll a 1/2" ball of green clay.  Flatten. Pinch one end to create a teardrop. 
9) Press the center with needle tool or edge of fork.  Press into place.  Add additional leaves if desired.
Procedure for Roses:
1) Follow step #2 & 3 above.  Roll six 1/2" balls from the mix. 
2) Roll one of the balls into a log as shown. 
3) Flatten.
4) Pinch thin along one of the long edges.
5) Roll from one end to the other as shown keeping thin edge at the top.  Flare out to create realistic rose center.
6) Flatten 2 more balls.  Pinch into teardrops. 
7) Thin the top edge.
8) Wrap one petal around the center and one from the other side so the edges touch. 
9) Flare out the edges to create realistic petals.
10)  Repeat steps 7-9 with other 3 balls.  Wrap around the center.  Flare out edges.
11) Create leaves from cutter flower directions above.  Press into place, then turn flower over and CAREFULLY cut off the bottom to create a flat bottom.
That's it!  All done. 
Once dry, use these to create pins, magnets, or journal embellishments.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  ENJOY!

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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Lovely flowers and such clear instructions.