Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Love is ... Creative Paperclay 3D wall art Tutorial by Gloriann Irizarry

Love is ... Creative Paperclay 3D wall art Tutorial by Gloriann Irizarry


To all those wonderful mothers out there I wanted to wish them a Happy mothers day. May be a little late but I like to think of everyday is mothers day anyway. Mothers don't take a v364 days a vacation and we work 24/7 364 days of the year so Happy Mothers days to all.

Thinking of all the unconditional love these wonderful ladies do for their families inspired me to create a 3D wall art named Love is ...
Well for me love is KEY to all wonderful things in life that's why adding other metals elements to the piece besides Creative paperclay will enhance the beauty of any  3D Wall Art Canvas project.

So lets start with the materials used in this project

Creative Paperclay®
Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder
Aluminum foil
Acrylic Paints Colors
 (White, Tuscan red, Back,  Metallics in Black, pink, purple, blue)
Martha Stewart's Glitters in
(Sugar cube hearts, Rectangles in Sugars plum, Blueberry Slush, Bubble Gum and Sugar Cube)
Paint brushes
Paper towels
Black upholstery thread
Metal Key Findings
Metal Key Hole
Hot glue or Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue 
Solid Cardboard paint canvas
Acrylic Spray sealer in Glossy and Matte.

Grab the aluminum foils and start to create the core for the 3D center piece in shape of a heart.

Roll the clay in shape of a snake to make it easier to insert it in the Walnut Hollow extruder.
I prefer this one due to be easier on the hands no need to press it out it works great and has an  Easy Crank Handle.

Place the circle face plate with multiple circles to create more than one Creative Paperclay®
strings. Make sure you work these gently so you will have a one continue string of Creative Paperclay to make the knit effect look more natural. Keep the clay moist (not to much water) so they don't break has easy I spray them with a water mist bottle.

Roll and twist  2 yarns together so they look like the photo and place them very carefully side by side. Moist them a little so they will stick and create the one piece heart. 

Moist them and apply light pressure so they stay together.  

Add any other details you want and set it aside to dry. It can be air dry or speed process by putting in the over to dry for one hour at 200 degrees.

While the 3D Knit Creative Paperclay® heart dries we can start to work on the canvas paint. 

Start the canvas with a solid coat of white acrylic paint.

While the white paint still wet add a few drops of blue paint on the top, purple in the middle and pink in the bottom and stoke it lightly with a flat soft brush. Start the strokes from the top to the bottom and no need to clean the brush. It is key that you do this lightly in one direction so you can get the blend effect. But feel free to practice and have fun since this is the background there is no wrong way to paint it has long your are having fun.

While the paint still wet add the Martha Stewart's Sugar Cube Heart Glitter all over.

On the purple portion of the wet paint sprinkle a few Martha Stewart's Sugar Plum Confetti glitter.

Add some Martha Stewart's Blueberry Slush Confetti glitter at the blue portion of the wet acrylic.

Add some Martha Stewart's Bubble Gum Confetti to the bottom of the canvas.

And to cover any empty spots use the Martha Stewart's Sugar Cube confetti glitter all over the rest.

You can have fun sprinkling the glitter all over and creating your own texture background this way.
Set the piece down so the paint will dry and secure the glitter in place.

Once the background colors are dry you can do the lettering with regular Black acrylic paint.
Paint it in layers if you want the words to be bold and pop nicely and set it aside to dry.
At this point you can seal it. Matte finish will be a great seal for this background.
Now the heart is dry let apply a coat of the rich Tuscan red and set it aside to dry.

Now you can make those nice knit effect pop right out of the Paperclay heart by adding a water down coat of the metallic black to the whole piece and using a wet paper towel removed some of the excess black paint off. This will make the red come up and the black will be deposited to create the shadows we are looking for on the yarn stitching.

Set is aside to dry then seal it with the Glossy Spray sealer.

Place the heart in to calculate the correct spacing for the Metal finding keys.


Use the upholstery thread to attach the keys to the heart.
Secure the keys in place with the black upholstery thread.

If you look you might not even need to drill holes since this sculpture style might have some holes you can use. If not feel free to drill some holes with a hand drill.

If you are in a hurry you can use Hot glue to add the Key hole and secure the heart to the canvas.
 I do recommend the Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue for a better adhesion of your 3D Creative Paperclay® Knit heart it will be a little slower drying but it seems to hold better.

Once the glue dry your wall art is ready to be displayed.
Fun project to make and give that special someone that is the KEY in your heart.
Have a bless day and if you have any question feel free to visit our  Q&A Facebook Page.

Gloriann Irizarry