Friday, May 22, 2015

Tip Time With Ann

Tips for working and saving some money.  Hi, I am Ann and today I wan't to share a few tips on how  I and you can save some money on some of the materials and even tools that help in working with Creative Paperclay®.

I like to shop for disposable tools and some materials in stores other than the traditional craft stores.  For one, the good craft stores are at least a 45 minute drive away for me and I do not get out to them as much as I would like too.  I have found  that while running errands and shopping for my family and household some pretty neat and inexpensive materials at dollar stores.  Here are just a few of my recent finds:

A rotating cupcake decorating stand (to allow me to spin my project as I work)
Cellophane wrap (to wrap on the cupcake stand to keep it clean, note: not shown in this picture,  and to wrap around the clay to keep it from drying out)
Aluminum foil (used as a form upon which I add the clay and build a project)
Toothpicks (to hold different parts of the project together)
Travel size spray bottle (to fill with water)
Soft sanding block (for sanding)
Small size plastic cutting boards (to hold and transport projects around my studio)
Cuticle stick (to smooth and make markings).
Paint brush ( for dusting off sanding residue)

I hope that you too find some inexpensive and  useful materials and tools at your local dollar store and then have enough money to purchase good quality Creative Paperclay®!

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where I go into more details of ways I make and save money while making things!

***Thank you to "Sandits" ( for their wonderful sanding sticks.

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