Friday, May 8, 2015

Hooting Owls

Who ever wanted to have a whole bunch of cute, light weight and inexpensive embellishments to add to their creative projects?  It seems that I can't get enough of having and now making some cute embellishments for my various projects.  My latest interest has been in making small size embellishments to add to the contents of pockets in my pocket letter exchanges with some new friends.

Hi, it's me Ann, from the blog AnnMakes and the Design Team here at Creative Paperclay®.  If you are curious as to what I am talking about please jump over to my blog afterwards where I explain what I am doing.  But for now stick around and see how fun and easy it is to make your very own art supplies with the help of Creative Paperclay®.

All you need are moulds and some air drying Creative Paperclay®!  To make similar decorative paperclips you will also need some paperclips and a really strong adhesive.

First get a mould, sprinkle a very small amount of talcum powder (optional) add the clay, let it set a few minutes.  Pop out of the mould and let it dry.

When the object of your choice is dry, smooth any rough edges (I use Sandits) and then paint or decorate any way you please.  For this little owl I wanted him to shine.  I just used some gold coloured nail polish.

After the owl was dry I glued it to a paperclip and let that dry and cure 24 hours.

Creative Paperclay® modeling material
Sandits sanding tools (
Beacon Adhesives "Gem-Tac" (
Other supplies:
"Owl" mould from Martha Stewart, Paperclips from Staples, Nail Polish from Mariposa at Dollarama.

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