Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creative Paperclay for a Cause

I shared my Creative Paperclay ideas with friends at an outdoor art play party. Two of them were working on charity box auction and decided it would be a great product for their pieces. The auction was for Kitchen Angels, who provide food to those less fortunate, so they picked garden/food themes.


Creative Paperclay®
acrylic paint
wire mesh

Dave Robinson, artist/photographer, brought his muse to the party. On his box he had already built up the body of the pineapple with carved styrofoam glued to the box. After much brainstorming, we decided the best way to get the texture was to lay ceramic clay over the pineapple to use as a mold for the paper clay. He then gave it a light mist with PAM cooking spray before laying the paper clay over the mold.
  The mold created out of ceramic clay is on the top. The clay was pressed onto the pineapple. The clay mold was sprayed lightly with PAM then the Creative Paperclay was pressed gently into the mold. It was removed and applied to the pineapple shape on the box. This was done in sections.
The cast paper clay was applied to the carved styrofoam block to make the pineapple's body. The top part of the pineapple was made with wire mesh cut into shapes then covered with fiber paste, which is flexible. When dry, they were painted then glued into place.
Teena is an encaustic artist so after she created her box using Creative Paperclay, she painted it with colored wax.

Get your friends together, find a cause or just have a good time.

Darlene Olivia McElroy

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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Very clever, and for such a good cause.