Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lynda's July Post -

Creative Paperclay - is such a fun product...for me - my favorite use is with molds!  I can mold a bunch of different flowers, buttons or leaves - and use them later on, painting to match the project at hand!  Being "newer" at creating with the product, I haven't delved into larger projects as much (I have done a few, but nothing really over the top) - I scrapbook, and use the product for embellishments more than anything!   Today's tips, are all things that are helping me out - working on larger projects rather than smaller ones!  

Since I do scrapbook - and mostly use paper products - creating embellishments made out of Creative Paperclay is really fun for me!  Each piece turns out different because of the papers and products I end up using!  I don't like things to look like something else I have made - even though I end up using the same type of things on each project!  Each turns out different because of the products!   
So, I have some tips for you - things that are helping me out - I figured they might help a few of you out as well!  

  • Find a place where you can keep all of your ideas - such as a notebook or sketchbook! This way, as you are looking at things, or thinking about things you want to create, you can keep the information in one place!
  • Sketch the idea out on a sheet of paper, sketch pad, or design sheet!   What do you want the piece to look like when it is finished?  What supplies do you have for it - what do you need for it?  Do you have a container (or something) you can put it in while you are creating?  
  • Look back at the amazing ideas on this blog, on other blogs, Google "Creative Paperclay" and check out the images there, or even look on Pinterest for more ideas!  
  • Lastly - don't be afraid of playing with ideas!  Some of the favorite things I have done, have been done by taking the time to write things as to what I want to do, with it sketched out if possible!  
Thanks for stopping by, I will see you in a few weeks with a few gift ideas you can make, and decorations for your Christmas tree (if you celebrate)!  Most of my ideas you can tweak....use your own supplies and products YOU like while you are at it!  See you next time!
Lynda Jeffs
and Memories in Tyme    


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