Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Creative Paperclay Doll Face Plate tutorial by Gloriann Irizarry

 Welcome back to another full tutorial by Gloriann Irizarry

Since we are fast approaching to the hottest day of the summer I wanted to focus on simple easy to do and fast drying projects. These doll face plates are so much fun to make and they are so adorable to decorate any house or even make cool enhancers to any other future  mix media crafting.
I hope you have  great fun summer and don't be afraid to include your little one. This project is so much fun and easy that little one can also customized their own doll faces. The possibilities for this doll plates are endless so let have fun and start the crafting.
Acrylic paint
Folk Art Stencil Cream Set
3M Fine and Medium Sanding sponges
Plastic Roller
Saran Plastic Wrap
Styrofoam Half Ball
Gold and silver Sharpie Markers
Arleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Start by covering the Styrofoam half ball with the plastic Saran wrap. This will allow you to separate the clay from the Styrofoam a lot easier once it dry.
Open the package of Creative Paperclay® and roll a sheet to a 1/4 inch thickness.
Cover the Styrofoam Half ball with the sheet by shaping the curve and cutting off any excess clay. Add some eye brows and chin detail. After your satisfy set  the Doll Face Plate aside to dry.
After the Creative Paperclay® dry removed the form from the Styrofoam half ball by moving the Saran Plastic sheet. You can lightly sand the doll face with the 3M Foam Sanders.
Start by using the Medium grid and use circular motions. Make sure you brush off all the dust off so you can see any spots that might need more detailed sanding.
Once your satisfy with the 3M medium grit and brushed off any clay dust  you can now start to sanding  the piece with the 3M Fine grit and just repeat the same circular motion and clean any dust to make sure all the detail sanding is done right.
Clean the Dust off with a small brush and damp paper towel to make sure all the particle's are gone before we proceed with the paint. This will ensure the Acrylic paint will adhere properly to the sculpted Doll Face.
Use the Acrylic paint color Touch of pink by Delta Creative Ceramcoat and apply 2 coats of paint on both inside and back of the plate. Set aside to dry between coats.
Now that the Acrylic paint dry we can add more details like brushing the skin a little. For blushing I'm using the Folk Art Stencil Creams. The creams will allow you to have more control over the paint while applying it to the face plate. All you need to do is rub a little to your finger tip or use a paper towel to rub the paint to the doll face.
Concentrate your work the forehead, cheeks and chin with red tone. Set aside to dry.
Now that the blushing is all dry we can add some eyes, eyebrows and mouth details with the Folk Art Licorice black. Choose your favorite fine brush to help you control the paint. Tip here is not to dip the brush in thick paint but water it down instead. This will help you with the flow of the paint stroke when drawing the lashes and eyebrows. Set is aside to dry.
Now that the black paint is dry I mix some of the blue and red Folk Art Stencil Creams and rub some on to give her some eye shadow. You can also paint the lips red in a heart shape and add more details like freckles and eyebrows lines with the gold sharpie marker. I added a silver eyeliner to enhance her magical look. Set her aside and let her dry.
Once the Doll face dry we can proceed to the holding ribbon.
This will allow you to hang her and decorate any room.
Cut a 1/4 inch ribbon to a 12 inches long in any color.
Add the Fast Grab Tacky Glue to the back of the doll face. Don't worry much about the messy since this will go in the back and the glue dries clear.
Flip the ribbon like in this photo and apply more glue to the back to make sure it adhere securely on the dolls face.
Apply some glue to the top of the lopped ribbon and adhere it to the  face plate.
You don't need much glue. I like to use just a little. It will cut the drying time to half .
Now your dolly is ready to be display or hanged.
Feel free to experiment with this face. You can add hair or added to a mix media canvas the possibilities for her are endless just have fun and keep adding more.
If you have any questions you can find us on Facebook. Feel free to share your project use #CreativePaperclay in your social media and show us what you have done using the amazing Creative Paperclay® Material
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