Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fun Key Chain - By Lynda

I had a lot of fun last month creating the scene for Halloween with my husband, in fact I am hoping to make another one for Christmas!   but there isn't a lot of time left to get it all done, and they take a lot of time to create, let me tell you - even with 2 people doing them!  Today's project, is a bit easier to make, and won't take as much time to finish up!  

I really love easy projects...this one, is no different!  I recently got a new smart phone, being a klutz, I knew I would need a case for it!  I also needed a key chain for some of my keys and it had to match my phone case!  And since I change my phone case a lot, then I needed something that was cheap enough to make, and that I could customize for each of the cases I bought!!!

Supplies needed:
Delight product 
Flower (or alternative) mold
Floss or ribbon
Key chain ring
Acrylic paint 
Silent setter (or something to create a hole)

Step one:  Using your mold - take a piece of the Delight product, and mold your piece.     

Step two:  Using your Silent Setter - create a hole while the piece is still wet, allow to dry completely.  Push the extra Delight product out of the chamber of the piece that created the hole!

Step three:      Place dry creation in microwave for 10 seconds ONLY!  The piece will start to raise just a bit, and will really look cool when you start to paint it! 
Step four:  Start to paint your piece, I used a black on the bottom, with a red on top - wiping some of the red off with water as I went.  I wanted a bit of black to show through, so I played a bit with the paint and water to achieve the look I got here!  Same with the other colors shown here - the darker color is on bottom, and the accent colors on top!

Step five:  Braid colors of bakers twine together to create the string to hold it all together.  Put it through the hole, and then through the key ring.  

This was another fun project, using the Delight product this time!  I love how each one turned out, and can't wait to make more!  I have another project using molded flowers up on my blog, so make sure you click the link and check out the fun cards I ended up making!  Click the link below!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 2015  

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