Friday, November 20, 2015

Altered Altoid Tin with Creative Paperclay® Figures

I'm having great fun altering tins—sardine cans, Altoid tins, etc. Creative Paperclay® is perfect for making the figurines that I include in them.

To begin I used pliers to gently open the hinges so I could remove the lid. Next, I spray painted the outsides of both the lid and bottom of the tin.

While the paint was drying, I created the snowman and tree using Creative Paperclay. The snowman is two small balls of clay with a wire support holding the head and body together.
Beginnings of a snowman
Wire support between head and body
To make the snowman's smile I cut away part of a soda straw, leaving just the right sized curve to press into the damp clay to leave the impression of a smile.

His hat was made in two pieces—a small flat circle and an egg-shaped pieces that I scored for the crease in the top of the hat. Looks a bit like a coffee bean, doesn't it? I attached the hat after is was dry and painted.

The tree was made by forming a cone of clay. Then, starting at the top of the cone and working round and round, use the tips of a pair of small, sharp scissors to make a series of snips. Gently lift these "branches" to form the tree.

Cone for tree
Newly formed tree
While the clay pieces were drying, I coated the inside of the lid and bottom of  the tin with Duo Adhesive and mica flakes. On the inside of the lid and outside cover of the tin, I added Christmas prints using double-sided adhesive along with embellishments. I cut the lamppost that is behind the snowman on my Zing electronic cutter.

Cover of the altered tin
Here's a close up of the snowman and tree—already for a Christmas display.



Sandee Setliff said...

So cute, I keep meaning to alter a tin!

ImagiMeri said...

Really cute Carole

Tina Youngblood said...

Thank you for Sharing this. What a fun project to look forward to.