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The Dangling Snowman

The Dangling Snowman
ImagiMeri's Creations

Hello there, this is Meri of ImagiMeri's Creations with another fun tutorial for you.  I wanted to do a video, but I've been sick with bronchitis and sinusitis and have lost my voice.  Please pardon my crude images, too.  Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I look forward to comments and questions.

The Dangling Snowman
Here's your list of supplies;
1. Creative PaperClay
2. 18"X 2.5" piece of fabric for scarf
3. 2" styrofoam ball
4. 2.5" styrofoam ball
5. 3" styrofoam ball
6. 16" piece of wire, either 20 or 22 gauge
7. 4"piece of wire, either 20 or 22 gauge
8. 5"piece of wire, either 20 or 22 gauge
9. 6"piece of wire, either 20 or 22 gauge
10. Wire cutters
11. Round nose wire pliers for creating loops in wire
12. Clay roller
13. Oven set to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
Rubber stamps for creating texture
Bamboo skewer
Acrylic paints
Gilding paste
Shaping tool or knife

Fig 1. some of the supplies, Fig 2. starting with the smallest
piece of wire (4") create a loop on one end.
Fig 3. insert 4" wire through the smallest styrofoam ball
(2").  Fig 4. leave space between loops and styrofoam ball
for 1/8" thickness of clay, and create second loop on
opposite end.
Fig 5. Proceed  with steps 3-4 for remaining styrofoam balls.
Fig 6. You can now roll out your clay to the 1/8" thickness
for covering the styrofoam balls.
Fig 7. Apply a uniform layer of 1/8" clay over each
styrofoam ball.  Fig 8. here all the balls are covered.
Fig 9. Insert a bamboo skewer or other tool for the hole,
which will house the "arm" wire (16"), through the middle
size clay covered ball (2.5")
Fig 10. continue pushing skewer all the way through.
Fig 11. This step is totally optional.  I used rubber stamps
to create texture on the surface of each clay covered ball.
Fig 12. Closeup of texture.
You can now place your clay covered balls in the
230 F oven for about one hour.  Remove from oven and move
on to step 13.
Fig 13 & 14. Take fabric, with right sides together, and
sew a 1/4" seam down the length, leaving ends open.
Turn fabric inside out and iron flat.  Take a sharp knife
blade and "scratch" at the ends to fray them.You may also
just cut a piece of felt into a length for a scarf.
Fig 15. Using small balls of clay, create carrot nose and
eyes, and mouth.  Attached balls together to create the
dangling snowman. Fig 16. Insert (16") wire through the
hole you created for arms.  Bend ends of wire into branch
shapes or hands (use your imagination).  Re-cook
your snowman for about one half hour to set the nose
and face features.
When done cooking you can then move onto painting
and decorating your snowman.  I first covered him
in a layer of gesso, then painted him white.  I painted
the facial features and then I applied silver gilders
paste all over for a highlight.  I wrapped his scarf
around his neck a few times and tacked it in place
with a needle and thread and a jingle bell.  I also
added glitter highlights all over.  With the bottom
wire loop you can either add something to dangle
or bend over the loop so it doesn't show.  I then
created a wire hook to hang him from.
The snowman is now complete and can be hung
on a tree or elsewhere in your house for a primitive
look for your Holiday decor.

If you have questions, please contact me at  You may also leave a comment
question and I'll answer as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial
and may you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!



Jackie said...

Thank you for the great tutorial! I love making snowmen....

ImagiMeri said...

Thank you Jackie. ;o)