Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Project Joy!

Today I will share pictures of projects that I created with some of my students at school.  This is my 2nd Christmas season teaching art to K-8th grade in Triangle, Virginia.  I say on a daily basis that I have THE BEST job in the whole world as I get to experience art through the eyes of children.

I decided to use Creative Paperclay with my 6th graders and Delight Air Dry with my 2nd graders.  Both groups were thrilled to be working with clay and listened intently to instructions (or so I thought).  One of the first instructions I gave was to roll the creative Paperclay flat between 2 pencils before starting to design their individual angels.  A few of my students heard the pencil part, but translated it to "roll the clay as long as a pencil"  Of course the mistake wasn't discovered until they had created gorgeous angels and went to put them on the drying racks.  Hmmm, okay...kind of skinny, but I am used to adapting.

My second graders used Delight air dry to also create angels for a mixed media canvas.  Their instructions were a bit different though.   Each student had already created a halo from construction paper and metallic markers.  With that glued down to a painted canvas they were given a piece of Delight air dry clay and a damp paper towel.  They could use the clay to make an entire angel or combine components of clay with paper elements.  As you can see from the pictures that follow, no 2 were the same and each child had a definite vision of what he or she wanted to accomplish.

I couldn't be more proud of what they all made (both classes) and I think there will be many happy parents or grandparents when packages are opened on Christmas day.  Now for the pictures...some are process and some are finished projects.

6th graders at work.  Each student had a damp paper towel to keep the clay moist.  Each table also had a cup of water to help adhere details.

A dab of water to attach pieces of clay angel together.  

Best "tool" I ever bought for my classroom!  Stackable cookie racks from Ross.

The finished projects.  The backing is a wood board which they collaged with paper and music and inspirational passages.  The backing was not a part of the original project, but became necessary after some of the angels became a bit too skinny to stand alone.

Angels were painted with metallic paints before gluing to covered board.

The angel on the left is one of the larger, skinnier angels.  I am in love with the one on the right!  The student chose her board specifically because of the knot at the top and then used that in her design.  FABULOUS

Students used construction paper, tissue paper, magazines, calendars, and much more to create a backdrop for the angel.  I love the variety.  No 2 are alike.

2nd grade Delight angels.  

The students were given the option to add words to the canvas.  Some place the words on top and some worked the words around the edges of the canvas!

I love the expression on this one.  The student worked very hard to get her eyes "just right".  Paint wouldn't work the way she wanted, so she painted the white, added brown paper for the color, and then a dot of white in the center of each...perfect!

See the angel, top left?  The child wanted hair for her angel.  We found a bag of doll hair in a box of classroom supplies...gave her the perfect curly hairdo.

I hope you have enjoyed these and can see how easy it is to use Creative Paperclay and Delight Air Dry with children.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Creative New Year

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Sandee Setliff said...

How fun, I loved art classes the most when I was a kid and I bet they love you!