Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lynda's Beginner Tips

I am so sorry for this post being late - between my hand being incapacitated and starting work again, I am always a bit behind!!!  Being a part of this team, has really helped me expand my horizons a bit - and create one of a kind things for my friends and family AND my house!  I have learned a lot from my team mates and the things they have created!  As you can tell, I do not do large projects - mine are more beginner related, to show you some of the fun things you can make as you are just starting out!  
That said - I have a few tips for those of you who are wanting to start to play a little bit, but are more scared than anything!  
  • Do not start on a large project, start with something a bit more easy and manageable!  Check out Pinterest pages, this blog for easy projects, the Creative Paperclay website for inspiration!
  • Look at your own home and craft box for what you need in order to create something - BEFORE spending a bunch of money on supplies.  As you grow with this - your supply list can grow too!
  • Have a sketch pad - or something that will help you to plan out your project.  This way - all the details can be in one place!  
  • Keep your stuff in one area - it makes it a lot easier to grab your supplies and create than to find everything all over the place!
  • Find some of your existing craft supplies that you can use along with this - such as stamps, paints, molds, etc., and simply have fun!
  • For all of your leftover Creative Paperclay and Delight product - put them (with the packaging) in a container with a lid on it that is air tight!  It keeps it really fresh if you make sure to wrap it up as well!    
Thanks for stopping by, see you in 2 weeks!  I am working on ornaments for each of my family members - to put on their trees!  Each one of a kind - and made special just for them!  I can't wait to share them with you!  
Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
                                   Creative Paperclay Design Team

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