Friday, December 18, 2015

Easy Earrings

These earrings are so easy to create, that you could make a pair now for a last minute holiday gift. So, let's get at it!!

The first step is to roll out a stab of clay about 1/4" thick. Then, texturize the top of the clay. I used a clay texture sheet to press into the clay, but an embossing folder would work, too. Or a rumpled piece of foil. Just about anything that will add texture to the surface of the clay.
1/4" thick slab of clay
Texture sheet in place on clay
Next, take a clay cutter, cookie cutter, or free hand cut a shape for your earring.

Texturized clay
Cutting the earring with a canap├ę cutter
Use a toothpick or other sharp object to pierce a small hole in the top of the earring blank. This is where you'll attach the finished clay piece to the jewelry findings with a jump ring. Or, if you prefer, you can drill a hole in the dried clay blank.

When the blanks are dry, sand any rough edges. I like to use Sandits for this type of sanding.

Paint the blanks with your choice of acrylic paints. After the paint on mine was dry, I dry-brushed them with gold metallic acrylic paint, just hitting the high spots. Combine with beads and jewelry findings and attach to earwires. Voila!! A pair of earrings—ready to present as a gift.
Close up of finished purple earrings
Close up of finished coral earrings

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