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Be Mine Art Doll by Gloriann Irizarry

Be Mine Art Doll by Gloriann Irizarry

Small Glass Bottles
Paverpol Clear
Creative Paperclay Material
Cotton Cheese Cloth
Tshirt Dye Bright Pink
Aluminum Foil
Wooden Sticks
Metal Wire
Paper Tape
Dress It Up Hot Pink Buttons
Water mist
Clay Roller
Acrylic Paint Tuscan Red
Acrylic Paint Pale Yellow
Acrylic Paint Desert Beige
Martha Stewart Glitters Iridescent Ultra fine
 Martha Stewart Glitters Iridescent Heart
Martha Stewart Glitters Red Tinsel
Let start by recycling some old glass bottles. Depending of the size you wan the final doll you get to choose what kind of drink will be the bottle you use.
Roll a think layer of Creative Paperclay to and 1/4 thickness and cover the bottle  stuff a little of the clay inside and place the wooden stick inside the bottle and set to dry.
Cut a bunch of aluminum foil 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch strips
Now the wooden dowel will be dry solid wrap some of the aluminum foils around to create
the upper portion of the doll.
For the arms cut one piece a little larger for the arm length and bend it like shown in the picture.
Make sure the wire is extra long . The extra is to secure the big heart and give it support.
String the wire thru the hole and secure it on the wooden dowel.
Add more aluminum foil to fill the chest area. 
Form the head with aluminum foil and shape the extra wire to the size
 of heart you want the doll to hold.
If you want a bigger dress with out wasting Creative Paperclay® try cutting a larger piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half.
Then wrinkle it like a fabric skirt. 
Secure it with the paper tape.
Attach the aluminum foil to the bottle and secure it with more of the paper tape.
Grab and extra piece of aluminum foil and sculpt the heat shape you want the doll to hold.
Place on the aluminum sculpt inside the wire armature.
Secure the sculpted aluminum heart with the paper tape.
I look at the doll and decided to make the skirt bigger. Repeat the skirt process. Cut a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half. Gather it like a skirt.
Secure the aluminum skirt with paper tape.
Secure it under the first layer with more paper tape.
To sculpt the doll  skirt troll a big 1/4 thick Creative Paperclay® sheet.
Carefully place it on the doll.
Cut some extra pieces to help you attach the Creative Paperclay® skirt to the dolls body.
Little by little add the strips of clay to the bottle to secure the 1/4 thick Creative Paperclay® skirt.
Let it dry over night or can be speed up in the convectional oven  for 1 hr at 250 degrees
After is dry add another layer of clay to shape the doll waist and cover all the heart with clay. I like to add clay to the hands at this stage and set to the side to dry.
While the clay is drying lets gets the cheese cloth fabric ready to use.
Follow the dye manufacturer instructions and feel free to start dying the
white Cheese Cloth to the desire color.
Make sure you wash off any excess dye of the cloth.
Set the cheese cloth to dry completely before you use it.
Make sure you add more clay to the hands, Heads and waist at this stage cover any imperfection and shape any form you want your final doll to look like.
Add some clay to the heart to make it plump and full.
 Add more clay to create the chin and make the hand more fuller.
Lets add some hair to the doll. To make sure is not easy to break lets add some wire armature support to the dolls head.
Create an armature to fit the hair style you will like to make.
Place the armature to the head and secure with glue or just add some Paverpol and set aside to dry.
Once the armature is secure you can add the first layer of clay and set it to dry.
once the first layer of the hair clay is dry you can feel free to add the second layer. In this second layer is where the details are added and you can give the hair the final flow design.
To make some cute easy curls. start by cutting a 1/4 thick rolled clay sheet to the  length you want the curl to be and roll it like in the photo above. 
Place the curl to the dolls head and add the breast details.
Cover any imperfections with extra Creative Paperclay® and set the figure to dry.
Use the wet Creative Paperclay® stage and curl the dolls hair to the final flow you want the hair to look like. Check the doll for any cracks or imperfections from the drying process and cover it with more Creative Paperclay® then set aside to dry.
Use an air tight container to work your Paverpol. Any dye fabric might leech some color and you don't want that to ruin your entire big Paverpol tub. Work every time from a separate tub.
Pre measure the cheese cloth and cut to size various pieces of the light pink and dark pink.
Layer everything on the table so it is easier to work with.
Add to water to the Pavepol® if you want a more thinner and easier way to soak the cheese cloth.
Soak the fabric inside the Paverpol and removed with you finger any excess to be able to work the fabric on the sculpt a lot easier.
Star playing with the fabric and place the fabric all over the Creative Paperclay sculpt layer by layers.
Little by little. Layer by layer you can add the Paverpol soaked cotton fabric to the sculpt. Gather the fabric and use the Paverpol to adhere to the paperclay sculpt and secure it in place.
At this point alternate the color fabrics to create some depth and make the figure look more interesting. Wrap the neck and hands. More like rolling a mummy.
 Let the first layers dry before adding another dress layer.
The second layer you can add some fabric to the dress and decorating trims. To create the wind effect roll some cheese cloth and  open it up  to create a shall.
Let the fabric dry a little so you can further add more movement and details to the fabric by moving or adjusting it while still a little wet.
Add has many layers of the cheese cloth soaked on the Paverpol to make the dress fuller.
Make sure every layer of the dress is fully soaked in the Paverpol and all the excess removed with the hands or pinched the fabric to the side of the container while pulling it out.
Once all the excess of Paverpol is removed you can open it. Gathered or further sculpt to later be placed on the art doll dress skirt.
If you want to add more details or interesting mix media effect. Use a paint brush and brush the Paverpol directly to the art doll.
Then add some of the Martha Stewart Heart Shape Glitter to the wet Paverpol and set aside to dry.
To the final fabric skirt dress layer you can add some more magic by sprinkling some fine iridescent glitter to the wet Paverpol soaked fabric. Make sure after your sprinkle the glitter use a water bottle mister and spray the glitter to help it attach better to the Paverpol soaked cheese cloth.
Sprinkle has much glitter you want.
Add has much Paverpol soaked fabrics to shape the dress skirt . There is not a calculated science since each doll is unique and is all matter of artistic taste. Some like the dolls fuller others might like them thinner, But once your are satisfy let the doll dry completely  over night.
Ok let add some mix media to the doll. You can use buttons charms or any extras to the doll. I choose some easy Dress It Up because the came already pre pack ready to use. 
Use the thick Paverpol to glue each button in place and let it dry.
Color the Heart with the Tuscan red acrylic paint.
Make sure you do to coats of the Tuscan red acrylic paint. 
Add two layers of the acrylic paint pastel yellow to color the dolls hair.
Color the dolls hands and face with the Desert Beige Acrylic paint. Use two layers.
Set aside for the acrylic paint to dry.
To add more details to the heart cover it with a thick layer of the Paverpol clear.
Let gravity play a little with the Paverpol clear and wait just a little before adding the Red Tinsel glitter to the heart.
Use the clear Paverpol to adhere any other details you want your heart to have.
Use your favorite sealer for the acrylic painted portion of your final
Mix Media Paverpol Creative Paperclay Art Doll.
Now here you can see once the doll is totally dry the items you placed on her are totally secured.
Paverpol works very good and all the buttons are secure in place.
Lets enjoy the final piece photo collection bellow.


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