Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fun Valentines Day Altered Can Project

When you give gifts out to your friends and family - are they works of art, or are they just shoved in a bag?  I love to reuse things - like coffee cans, to create one of a kind creations to put presents in - normally I am a shove things in a sack and here you go kinda gal!!!  Today's project - how to create your own one of a kind gift container, which can be tweaked for just about any kind of holiday!  Let's get started! 

Supply list:
Can - your choice of size... I use an MJB coffee can (empty of course)
Paper of your choice
Delight product
Heart cookie cutters
Glitter glue
Heart punch
Border punch
Die cuts 

Step one: Using the Delight product, flatten an entire package out to your desired thickness.  If you are reusing the Delight product after you have cut shapes out - simply roll in a ball - and flatten back out!

Step two:  Start to cut out hearts with your heart cookie cutter.  Repeat step one using the leftovers.  Set aside to allow to dry.


Step three:  Take your can and start to cover the outside in an attractive manner.  Measure the outside of your can and add about 1-2" extra paper to allow for you to glue the whole thing down.  

Step four:  Start to add the extra's that will make the can unique, such as a border using the border punch, die cuts or embellishment's that go with the theme you are working on.  

Step five:  After the Delight hearts are finished drying, decorate them with punches and glitter glue.  When glue is completely dry, add to the can.  With  the pink can, I added a bow, with 2 hearts on the top of the ends of the ribbon.  With the red can, I added a black heart on each of the Delight hearts, with 1 heart accented in the glitter glue.  

With these can's - you can customize to just about any gift giving event you have, or plain (in a favorite color) for "just because"!!!  Each of the cans are different, with tags created (directions on Memories in Tyme blog) to match each one!  They are a bit bigger - I wanted something they could frame if they wanted to!  

**Tip - watch for cookie cutters at Walmart for .98 cents for about 5 individual cutters!  Or - grab a coupon and go to your local craft store and get them!  You can even check out the thrift stores too!  I spent almost $5.00 at Michael's for 4 cookie cutters, went to Walmart later on - and found them for .98 cents! 

Cookie cutters, added with Delight or Creative Paperclay - can create so many different things!!!  Accents for your scrapbook albums or cards...magnets...or embellishments for altered items!  One package will go a long long way - unless you are making a larger item!!!  Delight product will dry quickly - and can be put in the microwave to create a more 3D look.  Creative Paperclay will dry hard and non-breakable, ready for acrylic paint!!!  So, depending on what you are looking to do - either product will help you get started in creating really fun one of a kind items!  I have a video coming up - tips on using molds to create embellishments and other fun things - I hope you will join me in 2 weeks!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs 
Creative Paperclay Design Team     

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