Monday, February 22, 2016

Kerrie's Tip: Super Easy Changes

One of my favorite things about using Creative Paperclay is that it is a very forgiving medium. Sanding, carving, and making changes are super easy, so it takes the fear out of making a mistake.

I was commissioned to make a 30" trophy* for a local pho cooking contest. This is a shot of the pho bowl at the top of the trophy. I carved the facial features, but when I double checked the graphic I was provided, I realized I had carved the face too low on the bowl. But not to worry!

The surface had already completely dried, so I misted it lightly with water, and used some fresh Paperclay to fill in the carved areas. Creative Paperclay shrinks slightly as it dries, so I made sure to over fill the areas to ensure complete coverage.

I allowed the clay to dry completely overnight, and sanded back the bowl to a smooth surface. You can't even tell there was a carved face there before.

I repositioned my drawing and carved a new face. This technique works well for all types of projects. On my animal sculptures, I've used it to lengthen bodies, shorten necks, or reposition legs.

The takeaway here: don't be afraid to go for it when you have an idea. Changes are a breeze with Creative Paperclay.

(*If you want to see the finished trophy, I'll have the photos posted on my blog sometime in March.)

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SandeeNC said...

Ooooohhhh, can't wait to see the finished trophy!