Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese Dragon Figurine

Happy New Year! Today is Chinese New Year, and to celebrate, I created this happy little Chinese Dragon. By spreading the project over several days, you eliminate the possibility of accidentally ruining a part of the project that hasn't yet cured. I often use this technique for large or very detailed projects.

What You'll Need:
  • 1 package Creative Paperclay
  • 2 - 10 mm beads
  • aluminum armature wire
  • foil and foil tape
  • gesso, paint, varnish, brushes
  • faux fur or feather trim
  • glue

Day One:
  1. Start with a length of armature wire measuring the total length desired from nose to tail.
  2. Wrap small squares of foil around one end of the wire forming a base for the head.
  3. Cover the foil head with a thin layer of Creative Paperclay.
  4. Press beads into place for eyes.
  5. Continue adding clay and sculpting the face and head area until satisfied.
  6. Allow to dry overnight or until completely dry.
Day Two:
  1. Shape wire for front legs and attach using foil tape.
  2. Repeat for back legs.
  3. Wrap small squares of foil around the neck and body.
  4. Cover neck and body with a thin layer of clay.
  5. Allow to dry overnight or until completely dry.
Day Three:
  1. Wrap tail and legs with foil.
  2. Cover tail and legs with a thin layer of clay.
  3. Add smaller gauge wire for horns.
  4. Wrap horns with floral tape and cover with clay.
  5. Add details (scales, toes, etc.)
  6. Allow to dry overnight or until completely dry.
Day Four:
  1. Sand lightly if desired.
  2. Paint, allowing dry time between coats.
  3. Using a dab of glue, add tufts of faux fur or feathers.
  4. Have fun with finishing touches! Add gemstones, gold leaf, beads... the sky's the limit!

About Kerrie
I am a mixed media sculptor working primary in clay. Though clay is my passion, at the core, I'm simply a maker, a builder, a creator. Making things makes me happy.

I make videos about making things and post them on my channel KerrieLeeArt on YouTube and on my website

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Fabulous, really enjoyed the video too!