Monday, May 9, 2016

Kerrie's Tip: DIY Drying Rack

My favorite way of drying my Creative Paperclay projects is to let them air dry. I feel air drying my pieces yields less cracking and warping than when I speed up the drying process in the oven.

To help my pieces dry evenly, I built a drying rack out of an old picture frame, some hardware cloth, and duct tape.

I removed everything from inside the frame and cut the hardware cloth to fit the back of the frame. Then I taped the hardware cloth* around the entire perimeter being careful to cover all the sharp edges.

(*Hint: If you're having a hard time finding hardware cloth in your garden supply center, ask an associate where they keep the chicken wire. It will probably be in the same area.)

The drying rack elevates my projects above the table and allows air to circulate around the entire piece. And unlike a cooking rack used for baking, the hardware cloth allows me to dry very small pieces without fear of them falling through the gaps.

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