Monday, May 23, 2016

Wonderland Looking Glass

Alice in Wonderland is a theme I haven't explored much during my journey as an artist. But with the new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass debuting in theatres next week, I was inspired to try my hand at this Wonderland Looking Glass.

An old mirror works great for this project. Or, if you don't have an old mirror, you can make a faux mercury glass mirror using an old picture frame and some spray paint. (I'll put a link to my faux mercury glass mirror tutorial here soon.)

  1. I start by rolling out a slab of clay 1/4” thick. It’s always a good idea to try to rotate the clay and roll it in different directions. This prevents it from developing a grain and helps promote uniform shrinkage as the clay dries.
  2. Next, I cut my shapes out from the clay. I chose a clock, a mushroom, a hat, a rabbit, a teapot, and some hearts for my images.
  3. Once my basic shapes have dried, I go back and build up some details. It’s really easy to add wet Paperclay to dry Paperclay with just a little bit of water and your finger.
  4. Once all the pieces have dried completely, I sand, paint, and varnish all the individual pieces.
  5. Using a good quality glue, I attach the pieces to the mirror.
  6. I add some finishing touches, and my Wonderland Looking Glass is finished.

About Kerrie
I am a mixed media sculptor working primary in clay. Though clay is my passion, at the core, I'm simply a maker, a builder, a creator. Making things makes me happy.

I make videos about making things and post them on my channel KerrieLee:DreamUp on YouTube and on my website

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Sandee Setliff said...

Great project, I love Alice in Wonderland inspired art!