Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tori's Tip - Create Lightweight Jewelry with Clay

I like making fun earrings for myself and others, and of course my medium of choice is clay!  Creative Paperclay® modeling material is my first choice for detailed scale miniatures that are to be worn as earrings.

Artsy earrings - 1:12th scale miniatures of a few of my favorite things!
Made with  Creative Paperclay®, mixed media

Garden goods - 1:12th scale miniatures
Made with  Creative Paperclay®, mixed media

For someone who likes to wear larger earrings, pendants, etc., Delight™ air dry modeling compound is sometimes a better choice because it is extremely lightweight.  The items shown below, created by my daughter and her son, show a variety of clay types and embellishments

Earrings and pendants with both types of clay -
finished with paints,  decopauge, transfers, rubber stamps, paints, embedded objects, etc.

A search of this blog for "jewelry" or "earrings" will show you many inventive ways to use clay for jewelry!

One of my previous posts shows how to embed the chain for hanging earrings
- and a really fun way to make jewelry :)

Thanks for joining me here again!  As always, play, experiment, and have fun!

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Sandee Setliff said...

Love the art and garden jewelry! So cute!