Monday, May 2, 2016

Fairy Garden accessories

I love my Fairy Garden and creating accessories for it is the most fun. I decided that my Fairy needed a friend so I created a darling little snail all dressed up in sparkles and flowers to sit with her in the garden and keep her company.

I began my rolling out a coil of Creative Paperclay with my hands. I found I got a smoother roll by using the palm and heel of my hand versus my fingers. Both of my projects use this method.

Then I simply wound the rope shape into a spiral. ( I should have smooshed it together a bit more, you can see in the above picture a gap between the clay because it didn't make full contact and separated a little when it dried. )  While the clay was still damp I made indents for the eyes and holes for the antenna. I removed everything and let it dry. 

I also made her some flowers using a flower mold for the sides of her shell and a larger one for her hat and brushed on some water to adhere them to her body and left them attached to dry.

Next, I wanted to make a base for the gazing ball which is really a broken lamp finial. I've had it in the fairy garden but the darn thing kept rolling around and never stayed put, so I thought a base would be the ticket.

First, I made a ball of clay and pressed the globe into it to create the concave surface for it to properly rest upon and then used another rope to wind around the base and added a flower. Removed the crystal to let everything dry.

Once they were dry I coated both pieces with Paverpol to harden them up and even though they would sit outside on my covered balcony they would still need some protection from the elements.

Then the fun part of painting them, which really brings them to life.
 Creative Paperclay takes very well to acrylic paints.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I would love to see you fairy creations on my Facebook page


Kerrie Lee said...

This is just what I need for my faerie garden!

Jean said...

So cute and creative!

Kalea Wavedancer said...

Oooooooooh! said...

wonder where my post went? hmm this is magical Sandee...

wwilloww said...

Perfect additions to a fairy garden. Your sweet snail is just adorable!!!