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How to choose the right sealer for your project by Gloriann Irizarry

Welcome back to the Amazing Creative Paperclay® Blog Spot. 
Hi my friends is Gloriann Irizarry once more with information and tips.
In this Creative Paperclay® article I will be sharing my own experiences with the many type 
of sealers I try so far and the many effects and results I obtain . 
I hope this will help you make a inform decision choosing your spray sealer. 

You spend countless hours working very hard to get your piece completed. 
Well it is time for the very last step. Now sealing the Art piece is very important. You spend so much of your time creating and sculpting the pieces and all you hard work need now to be protected and will stand the test of time it self. Since there is so many products to choose from out there i will share my own experience so you can make a well inform decision 

There is so many brands and types of sealers out there in the marked making it hard choose from. Since this is the very last step and the most important you want to make sure you made a very well inform choice . Many of the sealer in the market have different capabilities some are good and not so good benefits.

Read carefully before your trip to your closest Crafts Store. I will detail the Sealers i like the best . These sealer are available in a wide range of hobby and crafts stores so feel free to grab a sticky note and lets get ready to take some notes.  

Aleenes ( Matte and Gloss finish)

Americana  Has a very wide selection of finishes too choose from .

I have to say i did use the Americana and Arleene's Sealer and I found them to be good. The spray coverage has a great easy to apply thickness.  Now when your using this kind of thicker spray have in mind it will take a little longer to dry so give your self more time for the layers to dry specially before adding a new layer. Since is ticker coated the surface will dry slowly and some dirt or debris might stick to you final piece.
Place the project in a close clean area while it dry. I do like this sealer very much but is not really good for fast ASAP dry projects. Make sure you wash all the nozzles out every time after your done spraying the can or the tops will be plugged and will spray the sealer all uneven and dripped all over your next  project.

How about adding some glitter while your sealing?
Well lets seal and sprinkle some magic with these great options out there sealers. 

To give your project a little sparkling one of a kind  touch I like to sprinkle some glitter.
 I know is not easy for glitter to be spread or to work with it in their loose powder stage.
 Now I don't  have to worry about any powdery glittery mess with these Krylon Spray Sealers.
 These cans are amazing and they  will work twice has hard for you. 
It will seal your Creative Paperclay® Sculpt and evenly spread a nice glitter magic coat all in one step.

I used the glitter every so often like in this moon before I added the Creative Paperclay® made owl. See it will sure not only seal but also give a nice finished.

Let seal your Dollie Crafts 

Creative Paperclay® doll sealer. Your finally done with your weeks or months of work and you want to seal to protect it from dirt, UV and keep your one of a kind ball joint doll (BJD) safe for display,
But you want her too have a very nice and natural skin tone. So here is my trick to create a silky looking skin. I use the sealers name Frosted Glass. This spray will cover the piece and dry very frosty. This is the one I prefer the most.

These are commonly found at the hardware store. Many brands to choose from  but the concept is the same. The way this spray dry it unique and will give you that milky naturally skin and protection you need.

The Foreign Sealer

Another sealer I know will protect your Creative Paperclay® dollie or BJD sculpt is the Mr Hobby
Now this one is a lot harder to find and pricey but it is all worth it . I personally like to seal my paperclay with the Flatt  but it comes in many styles. Check the photo below

Well I do hope all this information will help you choose your Sealer. It will sure enhance the final Creative Paperclay® piece and allow you to enjoy it for many years to come.

Feel free to leave me you any questions or comments below or email me directly.

Now go ahead try your own choice of sealer on your next project.

Have a bless day and always happy crafting !

Gloriann Irizarry 

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