Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flower Garden Pincushion

For this project, you will need:

Small, flat can (mine had water chestnuts, but a tuna can would work. Just wash it well with vinegar to remove odor)
A small piece of cloth
Buttons (optional)
Paint, brushes, and hot glue

First, you will cover the sides of the can with the clay, then you will make leaves by rolling a small teardrop shape, placing it on the can, then making indentations for leaves with the handle of the paintbrush. Let that dry completely, then paint it. I used a shade to match my cloth, then lightened it a bit with white paint to do the highlights.

And yes, I used the can for a paint palette, since it wouldn't need to be washed out. I'm lazy that way.
Then you will cut a circle from the cloth that is approximately twice the width of your can.

Now comes the tricky part. I don't really like hot glue, but for this project, it is the easiest method. If you want to take the time to baste around the edge of the cloth circle, to gather it and make the gluing job easier, I would recommend it. I was in a hurry as usual, so I just glued the cloth to the inside upper rim of the can, about one inch at a time, gathering and tucking as I went, to make it fit. I only burned my fingers a little, no big deal. I left a gap about an inch wide as an opening to stuff the fiberfill in. When you stuff it, it's best to use a trick that doll-makers use. Tear your filling into small balls first, and stuff them in one at a time, so that your finished work is smooth. Trying to stuff a huge piece into the small opening on your can might also cause the glue to pull away from the metal, so be patient. When you think that you have stuffed all the fiberfill into the can that it can hold, stuff in a few more handsful. You want firmness.

Then tuck the cloth down into the can for the last bit. Don't try to glue it before the cloth is tucked or that's when you'll really get a burn. Once it's tucked down, use the nozzle of the glue gun to get the glue where you need it, inside the can, then hold the top down firmly until you're sure the glue is cool. Once it's cool, you can add your flowers. I used colorful buttons, but you could cut flowers from felt, use artificial flowers, or come up with another idea.

You can get Creative Paperclay at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and online at:


Barbara said...

That is just the sweetest pincushion!! I realy like it.

Hugs XX

Godzoned said...

very cool idea! love the colours you you used

Amanda said...

Nice pin cushion might have to make one myself :)