Monday, June 6, 2011

Gourd and Paperclay Apple Tree

I really hope that all you folks really like the "Apple Tree" that I've made! I've had this idea for awhile but haven't taken the time to make it until now. Well for starters, I have several spindles cause I purchased a whole box of them at a Habitat for Humanity thrift store about three years ago. So.... I attached the spindle to a wooden base that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby. ( You don't have to use a spindle, you can use a piece of broom handle or big dowel rod). Then the spindle was attached to a very large apple gourd which I had picked out and been hanging on to for just this purpose:

Pretty neat huh? I used glue to attach them and let it set overnight. Once all that was started I used dye to color the gourd ( I used red and cordovan) and sealed the dye. I then used aluminum foil to make a base trunk for the tree. I also used a candy mold to put paperclay into for the leaves and let them set overnight to dry. This is the beginning:

Doesn't that color on the apple look real? Looked like a red delicious to me. Once the ground work was done I got to have the real fun! "Creative Paperclay" to the ready.... I then covered the base, trunk, and made the limbs of my "Apple Tree". To me it looked pretty neat even without the paint. I then glued my leaves on after sanding the edges of them to make them look good and also made a little gnome door on the front and left my project overnight to dry.

I was just so excited after I got the project this far. Now that everything was dry I painted my "Apple Tree" and then sealed it well so that it would last a very long time.

So tell me, what do you think? I love it and don't think the picture really does it justice. I can certainly tell you that working with Creative Paperclay is fun, fun, fun!!! You can purchase Creative Paperclay at a lot of hobby and craft stores like, Michaels and Hobby Lobby to name a few or from the creator of Creative Paperclay, Amaco. I hope you purchase some and try a project or two yourself, I know you'll like it.



debbieluttrell said...

Very cute. I think I see some elves making cookies in that tree.

Barbara said...

Ha Ha! Thanks Deb

Hugs XX