Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Picture Cube


Plaid Square Photo Box (I got mine at Wal-Mart for $4.00)
Delight Paperclay (It is lighter than the normal Paperclay)
Fondant Roller
Exacto Knife
Child's Drawing
Lots of Patience
Glitter (Studio G Glitter Glue)
Bic Mark Its (Black)

This project I will admit did not turn out anything like I had envisioned it.  I know Jeff will love it but I am going to admit it is not my favorite piece.  It turned out NOTHING like I had planned but I tried really hard to make lemonade out of the big giant bushel of lemons I was given.

The box, my helper drawing her picture and the drawing.

 The drawing after I had transferred everything with the graphite paper.  Getting ready to start forming letters and lines.

The Delight paperclay is much softer, lighter and the texture is not like any other clay I have ever used.  It reminded me of cotton candy but without the stickiness.  In hindsight I should have used the original Paperclay for this project but I really wanted to use the Delight.  My plan was to roll everything out into snakes and then "redraw" my daughter's line with the clay giving it a raised look.  My problem was when I rolled out the Delight is it is so light (which is really cool) I couldn't feel how thick the clay was an I kept getting it to thin.  So I ended up rolling the Delight Paperclay out into a flat piece, which worked much better than rolling it into snakes.  I then took the drawing my daughter did and traced it onto the clay.  Once I finished the tracing process, I went through with a sculpting tool and made the lines deeper.  I also took a paint brush and brushed the lines with water to smooth everything out.

 The D finished me realizing that this is no going as planned.  Second Photo me scrapping the original idea and making it work.

I let the "drawing" dry for 24 hours then I took a Bic Mark Its Black and redrew all the lines with the marker.  Since I was painting over everything with Acrylic Paint it didn't matter that the marker bled.  Once the lines were traced I went back with the acrylic paint and painted the people.  If my daughter would have had it her way, her brother would not have been in the drawing and the whole box would have been pink sparkly.  I managed to get her to agree to a glitter around the outside and a little on the top (nothing that can be seen from space).

Protesting mom is making her paint it Aqua and not Pink Sparkles.

 Here is the picture cube - I know Jeff is going to love it.

 Please note I did not purchase the clay as a part of the Design Team it was provided.  All other items I either purchased or had.


Terri Sproul said...

love this project and how you started your post with the note to Jeff! made me smile...

BevinUSA said...

Hi Terri and Amanda, I was just looking at things on facebook as I am so far behind and also like to try and comment on as much as I can. I know I aways like to read comments from others. Plus alot of time and our hearts go into making all the things we do

When I saw your Message to to Jeff hehe I know it was my friend Manda saying that to her hubby.

Great project Amanda I loved it

Thank You Amanda and also Terri for all you do and all you share with myself and many others

Hugs love and prayers to you both Love You Bev

PS I have joined to follow you both here and one day I hope to try paper clay.