Monday, March 5, 2012

Greek Inspiration with Creative Paperclay®

Hello all...
I have always been inspired by Ancient Greek art and design. Its fabulous and I could research it for hours!
Well thanks to the internet and Google images search I have looked and looked up Ancient Greek art and design.... Sculpture... Symbolism and colourings.

This is what I ended up with....

Here is how I made it
I used:
  1. Creative Paperclay®
  2. square plastic packaging from a cuttlebug die
  3. old barbie/fashion doll (the hair I cut off as it was matted - i am planning to re-hair her oneday)
  4. Amaizing mold putty - parts 1 and 2
  5. Inks/paints/brushes/ribbons etc to decorate
  6. Glue Gun
I molded the old barbie/fashion doll
Made one of full torso and then a head and a nose. I will only use the full torso for this project today...
When the clay was partly dry I popped it carefully out of the mold then shaped the face a bit by pinching the cheeks in to make the shape of the face I wanted. I also tore off the shoulder parts and the waist part to make it look like broken stone..... then let the clay dry for 3 days till totally hard.

Next I put some clay into the cuttlebug die packaging and molded a flat-ish square:

let dry for 3 days with the doll torso.

This is when I started really researching my design..... what did Ancient Greek wall sculpture look like?What colour was it? What colours did they use back then? What symbols did they use? What did the Greek alphabet look like?

Well after all that I came up with a loose design.


I also took the symbols of the Greek Alphabet in the form of my Initials DMB and got "Delta Mew Bay-tah".... so cool.  I think I'll start up a Crafting Sorority called that... what you think? LOL
As you see I was playing around with the logo design too.... The stamp is from Viva Las Vagas stamps

Decorative Frieze

 Spray with Pale Ale memories mists from Stewart Superior

 Tidy the edges and then ink with brown.

 Stamp your image on the panel piece then glue your ribbon around the torso and glue the torso to the panel

Next with a pencil draw your Greek Logo and then paint it.

Now find some old looking lace, ink it up and glue it to the back of your art....
I like naming and signing the back or bottom of my work....
You are finished!
 Delta Mew Beta...... lets go and create ya! LOL

 And here it is in my space.
Thanks for dropping by.


Barbara Moore said...

Wow that's so nice Deb and very creative! I just love how you put it all together.

Hugs XX
Barbara said...

Great job, Debbie!

Debbie Buckland said...

Thank you